Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slight symptoms

The other day I wrote that I haven't experienced any pregnancy symptoms at all, other than tiredness. But as I thought about that later I realized it's not quite true.

Before I even knew I was pregnant, as early as a week after conception, I noticed smells everywhere I went. Not in a bad way or a good way -- they were just much more noticeable than usual. I'd walk into a room and the first thing I'd think was, It smells like [whatever] in here. That lasted only a week or so for me.

Yesterday Carrie gave me one of her pregnancy books, appropriately titled "I'm Pregnant!," and it said a heightened sense of smell is commonly the first sign of pregnancy. For most people, I think it stays strong and is accompanied by food aversions, cravings and morning sickness. But for me it just died down.

Also, Matt informed me yesterday that I've been snapping at him a lot lately. I have to admit this surprised me because I haven't been aware of being irritable in general and definitely not around him. And I've been on the lookout for it, especially since Amanda, who's 18 weeks pregnant, has been irritable for much of her pregnancy. I wonder if I'm snapping at anyone else without realizing it. I may have to issue a blanket apology when we go public with the baby news.

Finally, my boobs are a little tender. Nothing like every other pregnant woman's seem to be -- they definitely couldn't be described as painful. They're not even as sore as they usually are during PMS. But the extra tenderness has been there constantly for, oh, about a month now.

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