Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I've decided to start yet another blog, this one documenting the baby that is currently masquereding as a blueberry-size bundle of cells in my stomach. This blog may become defunct in a few weeks when we go public with the pregnancy news, but on the other hand, it may not. I'd hate for my regular blog to become consumed with baby blabber because I know how boring that is to everyone else.

Let's see. Here's how it happened. Well, you know how it happened, but without going into THOSE details, here's how it went down. We started thinking about a baby last year and I went off the pill in preparation. I had been on the pill for about six or seven years, and more than a few of my friends who'd been on the pill for a similar length of time had found it took up to a year for them to start ovulating again. Sure enough, my body took until around April of this year to get back on a regular cycle, which surprised me, because I always take everything for granted.

By that time we were excited about the idea of having a baby because we'd found out Matt's brother and his wife were pregnant and due in November. Still, we told very few people we were trying. One of the people we did tell was Lib, who recommended a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." It outlines "fertility awareness method," or FAM, which is simple to implement and effective for either avoiding or achieving pregnancy.

So now we knew how to time baby sex, but our plans kept being foiled! In April I was in New York with Mom and Amanda during the crucial days. In July we were sharing a two-bedroom beach condo with about a dozen other people and didn't have a moment alone. In September I was halfway across the country for work. It almost was the same story in October, but Matt managed to arrange a trip with his dad and brother to accomodate the baby-making window, and bingo -- 'twas a baby in my belly.


Kaitlin said...

i think your first post calls for a huge, smiling, hugging

Libba Roberts said...

YAY!!!!1 woohoo!