Thursday, March 5, 2009

What to wear

Week 22 already! That's so hard to believe. This is my stomach as of last night:
People who know I'm pregnant keep saying it's really popping out, but I still feel like strangers might look at me and see a beer belly.

Last week I decided, with Matt's input, that rather than buying one pair of super-expensive 7 For All Mankind maternity jeans, I'd buy:

a) one pair of cheap jeans (these are from Motherhood Maternity and with a 31-inch inseam they're just long enough to wear with flats; hopefully they won't shrink AT ALL in the wash, but if they do, they'll make their way to Amanda's closet like countless other pants);

b) one pair of long dressy jeans (these are from GapMaternity and I LOVE THEM. They are long enough to wear with heels or wedges and I can dress them up or down);
c) one pair of casual, lightweight pants that will be good with a T-shirt and flip-flops -- as comfortable as sweatpants, but cuter (I haven't bought any yet, but these are from GapMaternity);
d) and one pair of black dress pants (so far I haven't found a single pair that fits right -- they're all short and baggy).

All of these will add up to less than one pair of designer jeans (crazy) and I think I'll be happier with several options rather than just one perfect pair. I might be wrong about that, but I can say for sure that I LOVE the long Gap dressy jeans (which I'm wearing today). While I don't love the way these "everyday" jeans look on me, they're good enough ... I think.

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Kylie said...

I have to agree that the whole maternity jeans thing is a syndrome. how do you justify spending so much on jeans you will only wear for a while? .. however.. given that you plan to have many kids.. you could rationalize it that way... you will have them for future pregnancies. I had a pair of Gap ones the first pregnancy that I lived in, but while I was in the hospital, Grandma bleached them... sigh..I said this time around I'm going to splurge because I really do live in my jeans. ps I found a pair a Citizens of Humanity maternity jean that I am living in right now.. nice fit and they aren't quite as expensive as 7 and still have the length you need - you might consider trying those). By the way I have YET to find a decent pair of maternity work pants (non jeans) that aren't totally dorky looking on me... so do let me know if you find something you would recommend!