Friday, March 20, 2009

Reservoir randoms

We've had a bunch of warm, sunny days in the past few weeks, and I've tried to take advantage of them by running at the reservoir. I almost inevitably see someone I know. Yesterday I passed a woman who's a casual business acquaintance going the opposite direction.

She said: Hey! ... HEY, I thought you were pregnant!

I thought: What a thing to say! What if I had been pregnant but something had gone terribly wrong? Should I spill all the sad details as we randomly cross paths on the trail?

But I said: I am!

She said: And you're RUNNING?!

I said: Why not?

By that point I was quite a bit past her and there was no prolonging the conversation unless I stopped running, which I didn't. I spent the next few minutes thinking about how crazy it was that she acted like I was crazy for running while pregnant. At every doctor's appointment I confirm with my doctor that it's still fine to keep working out, and all he has ever said is "Keep doing what you're doing" and "The more active you are now, the easier your pregnancy and labor will be."

As I got to the end of the loop I passed a couple of women who were walking. I detoured to the bathroom (because that is one thing about running while pregnant -- I have to pee every couple of miles) and when I came out I ran into them again.

One of them said: Can we ask you something? How old are you? We were trying to guess.

I said: 29.

The other one said: I guessed you were 17!

Ha! They obviously didn't get a good look (if nothing else, my wedding band and baby belly should have tipped them off), but it was good for a laugh anyway. I wonder if that will be the last time I'm ever taken for a teenager.

Anyway, there's no moral to these stories, I'm just blabbering.


Kaitlin said...

There are some crazy people at the reservoir. You should read the blog on runnersworld - Baby Steps - it's about working out while pregnant and postpartum.

Often I think people have skewed images of how old people should look. For instance, people often think I'm younger than I am, but put me next to my younger sisters and obviously I look my age.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on your blog. =)

~Loretta said...

As one who did miscarry my second baby (just after we'd shared that we were expecting) and endured the subsequent well-intentioned comments which would squeeze my heart...I am now much more careful w/my well intended comments ;)
AND YES...your labor will go so much smoother for staying ACTIVE! "My doctor says it's fine to keep running" should be your mantra...can you make a running t-shirt w/that on it? People rarely argue w/"my doctor said" statements ;)
Okay...I'm done commenting on your blog for today ;)