Monday, March 23, 2009

Claire Devon

We thought picking a middle name would be easy once we'd settled on Claire for the first name, but it wasn't. Anyway, we've finally decided just to go with Devon, for Claire Devon Kirby. We aren't crazy about the way the full name flows (it could use another couple of syllables), but overall we like it better than the other combinations we tossed around.

The main thing we like about Devon is that it's not at all common (ranked No. 793 for 2008) or girly. I don't think of Claire as a girly name either, but we found that when paired with most of the middle names we considered, it took on an overtly feminine quality that we didn't like.

Also, happy six-months-in-utero birthday to Claire (as of last Wednesday)! Here's the six-month/24-week picture, which we actually didn't get around to taking until last night, but it's close enough.


Lauren Greaves said...

Claire D. Kirby. I love it.

Renee said...

Love the name and your tummy looks great!!!

Melody said...

Great name... less than 100 days... it's getting close!

Kaitlin said...

Baby Claire - I have found the cutest outfit for you ever. I'm trying not to spoil the suprise. =)