Monday, June 15, 2009

Counting down

Another doctor's appointment today, the 37-week one. I never got around to taking a 36-week bump picture so I think I'll skip and just do a 37-week one in two days. Today the measurements were right at about 36 weeks (3 cm. more than last week). Apparently I didn't necessarily grow that much in the past week; the doctor said the numbers can vary depending on the baby's position. Claire's heart rate was still good and strong. They didn't check for dilation or effacement because I haven't had any contractions.

I did find out that my group B strep infection test came back positive (they took the sample last week). It's not a big deal, just means I'll probably take penicillin during labor to prevent it from being passed on to Claire.

Betsy took this picture while she was in town last week. Not very glamorous -- I have a crooked linea nigra, a temporarily deformed belly button and a blob of weirdness above it (site of an ill-advised belly-button ring that lasted all of three months in high school) -- but I still like the picture.


Amanda said...

Argh! I forgot that this week's appointment was today instead of tomorrow. I wanted to call and see how it went. I'm so mad that they didn't check for dilation! I want to know some progress :)

Congrats on being positive for GBS. That means you will definitely be on an IV for your entire labor, which will make walking somewhat difficult but not impossible. Oh well, things could be worse.

Love you!

Renee said...

I think that is a beautiful picture of your belly and your love!!!