Wednesday, April 15, 2009

28 weeks

Happy seven-months-in-utero to Claire! It's amazing to me that, thanks to medical technology, she would have an excellent chance of surviving with no long-term ill effects if she were born now. Obviously a birth at 28 weeks is far from ideal, but it's nice to know that if it happened, it would probably be OK.

Judging from Claire's constant activity, I'd say she's having the time of her life in my stomach and isn't in any rush to exit. In another couple of months I'm sure she'll be a lot less comfortable (I know I will be). Pregnancy is treating me great, but I'm getting really excited about meeting the baby. I can't wait to hold her and start to learn her personality and see who she looks like.

I do have a minor complaint, which is that running has gotten more difficult in the past two weeks. I'm not sure if it's directly related to the pregnancy or if it's simply because I'm carrying around an extra 10 pounds, but I huff and puff all the way through my runs lately. I haven't had a really effortless run for a couple of weeks. When I get home and whine about it Matt says this is what running feels like for most people, so maybe I've just been spoiled for the past 20 years.

No matter how hard it is, I'm determined to run till the end -- no matter how pathetically slow I am around week 38 -- because it's absolutely essential to my sanity, and to me there's no substitute.


Amanda said...

"Matt says this is what running feels like for most people" - preach it Matt!!

Funny thing is, running is uncomfortable to me (although... it always has been) but the elliptical feels really good and I don't get winded from it easily. Also, yoga and step still feel really good. And if I can do it, as out of shape as I am, you will be doing it to the bitter end as well!!

lauren r said...

absolutely. THAT IS what running feels like to most people... jeez. lucky duck.

Kaitlin said...

oh no! I was hoping you wouldn't reach the uncomfortable point of pregnant running. I'm with you though - I imagine I'd suck it up and just run incredibly slowly... without running life would be terrible!

Melody said...

Claire's probably starting to push all your internal organs around to make herself more comfortable.. and they are making themselves comfortable around your lungs.

Melody said...

BTW, belly is adorable! :) You should write the date on your belly with a marker when you take pictures for a scrapbook!

handmade by amy said...

Oh my, I'm 38 weeks now and tried going for a walk today with Chris... I barely made it around the block! HA! I hope you're in better shape than me when you get to the end. :-)

- Amy