Thursday, January 15, 2009

No news is good news

We had a good, uneventful doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I didn't even get undressed -- I'm not sure what the point of the visit was -- but we did get to hear the heartbeat again (155 beats per minute). The best thing about that appointment was that we got to schedule our NEXT one -- Feb. 10 -- when we'll find out the sex of the baby! I still think it's a girl ... Matt thinks it's a boy ... we'll be happy either way.

Soon after that visit we'll be announcing the baby's name, so stay tuned. And although we aren't disclosing the names we're thinking about, this is your last call if there are ones you feel we must consider. Don't get your hopes up, though -- I think we're pretty set. :)

I asked the doctor if it would be OK to sign up for the Nashville half-marathon in April, and he said it was fine as long as I was in shape for it and stayed hydrated during it. Carrie and Jacob have signed up for it, Stephen was going to if I did and Matt would have joined us for the trip. I don't love half-marathons, but it's supposed to be a really fun race, with a band every mile and great crowd support. Plus there's something about being pregnant, especially visibly so (which I assume I will be by then), that takes off ALL pressure to run fast.

But I was thinking the race was on April 29, which is only nine days after Amanda's due date, and I know first babies sometimes tend to come late. I definitely don't want to be in Nashville during Brianna's birth, nor do I want to lose a not-cheap race registration fee if that's how the timing works out. And then yesterday Carrie told me the race is actually on April 25 -- even closer to Amanda's due date, and more of a potential conflict -- so I think I've decided to skip the race. It would have been a fun road trip/long weekend, but not as much fun as holding my newest niece!

I feel kind of stupid putting this out there because I'm not sure it's even possible yet, and I don't like thinking of myself as a crazy pregnant woman with an overactive imagination ... but I wonder if I've been feeling the baby move for a few days. It hasn't happened often, but I've noticed a kind of fluttery or bubbly feeling while lying in bed a few times. I have read online of people feeling this sensation around 14-16 weeks, but it seems much more common in another month or so.


Melody Jones said...

Congrats... you are feeling your baby! That's exactly what it feels like! Glad everything is going so good for you and Matt. (Yes, I read the baby journal too!)

Libba Lemon said...

You're definitely feeling her! That is exactly what it feels like, and you're more likely to feel it lying in bed - so that makes sense, too. I checked my pregnancy journal and I felt Ruthie moving at 14 weeks (the Costco crying episode) and then really well at 16 weeks.

Thanks for sending the pictures from the weekend! They're great!

~Loretta said...

I was feeling Emily move at 16 weeks without a's the b-a-b-y!! Yay!