Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The lime has a heartbeat!

Technically the baby won't be the size of a lime until tomorrow, but I'm so opposed to prunes (this week's fruit) that I'm going to promote it a day early.

We had another doctor's appointment today and got to hear the heartbeat! Hooray! That was so exciting!

I think I'll really be able to relax now. I'd been a little nervous the past couple of weeks because my only two symptoms (exhaustion and slight breast tenderness) had pretty much disappeared. But the doctor said everything looks great, the heartbeat is at 176 (he said it probably will be a little slower at my next appointment) and I can consider myself very lucky to be feeling so good.

Other than hearing the heartbeat, the only purpose of the visit was for him to do a general exam and pap smear because I hadn't had one since last August. At my next appointment, Jan. 13, I think he's just going to listen for the heartbeat again -- and at the NEXT one we'll get the all-important boy-or-girl ultrasound!

I asked the doctor about workout limits or precautions as the second trimester approaches and he repeated what he said at the last visit -- just to listen to my body and keep doing what I've been doing unless it gets uncomfortable. He said the only potential harm would be if I somehow got hit in the stomach, but there's not much chance of that. I love how relaxed he is about everything. For now my plan is to do CrossFit (modified if necessary) through the second trimester, then probably just run in the third trimester.

I also asked him if I need to be careful about lying on my back, as some people have told me, and he said not to really worry about it. He said if you did sleep eight straight hours on your back that wouldn't be ideal, but most people move around in their sleep all night long, so it's not a concern. And seriously, I wake up to pee like two or three times a night now, so there's no danger of me sleeping eight straight hours in any position.


Amanda said...

Yay!! Very exciting!

I don't think you need to worry about being on your back until a while after 20 weeks. I'm just now starting to try not to do it, but to be honest it's not that comfortable now anyway. So if I'm one of the ones that told you not to do that, disregard. I probably didn't know what I was talking about.

Can you believe you're only two appointments away from finding out what he/she is!? Crazy!!! I'm so thrilled! Love you!

Libba Lemon said...

I slept on my back for 3 straight hours last night without even realizing it. It's rarely a comfortable position at this point - so it's easy to avoid.

You'd know if lying on your back were a problem - your blood pressure would fall and you'd likely get dizzy. To fix it, you'd just turn onto your side.

Great heartbeat! Thanks for the scoop!